iWorks Multi Gate v2.1

JAVA based Gateway Architecture

The iWorks MultiGate Gateway Framework is a modular solution for connecting external systems to an Enterprise Service Bus architecture. Due to its open architecture it can easily be extended by further interfaces.


service-oriented architecture

As a scalable Java-based "Service Delivery Platform", the iWorks MultiGate Framework provides a component registry that allows flexible configuration of services. Services are components that can be implemented as Java classes using predefined interfaces.


interchangeable modules

Instead of relying on fixed wiring of the components, the iWorks Multigate Framework offers practically unlimited customizing through its modular structure. By default, it comes with modules to connect files, WebSphere MQ, e-mail and databases (DB2, Oracle, MySQL).

Open architecture

open architecture

With its well-documented, open architecture, the iWorks MultiGate Framework can be easily adapted and extended to meet the needs of customers by providing new services.


high-performance architecture

Due to its modular structure, the iWorks MultiGate Framework allows for a narrow and high-performance connection to your target systems. The customer is able to integrate just the services he needs without blocking resources for unused interfaces. It is therefore perfectly suited as a supplement to your EAI standard platform.


transactional services

By consistently adhering to the ACID model, the iWorks MutliGate Framework provides the highest level of security for your business transactions. This model extends across the entire framework and all the services it contains. Basic functionalities are provided for customer-specific adaptations.

Standard Based

standards-based system

The iWorks MultiGate Framework is based on the Java SE 6 standard and offers maximum transparency during customization and operation by using open APIs such as XML, XSLT, FTP, SCP, S-FTP and JMS.

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