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Our cooperation with Dell Boomi

At integrationWorks we are happy to have Dell Boomi by our side as a partner. In this regard, we offer consulting, development, customizing and architecture and strategy consulting services. In addition, integrationWorks acts as a reseller for Dell Boomi products.

What is Dell boomi ?

As an iPaaS (integration platform as a service), Dell Boomi offers a flexible architecture for the creation of local and hybrid cloud-based scenarios for E2E application integrations. The basis for this is Dell Boomi AtomSphere, a 100% native cloud platform. The following integrations are supported: B2B, SaaS-to-SaaS, Cloud-to-Cloud, Cloud-to-On-Premise and On-Premise-to-On-Premise. In addition to scalable real-time integration for high volume requirements, the platform also offers a solution for MDM (Master Data Management). The visual interface with point-and-click as well as drag-and-drop tools helps to quickly create a continuous integration workflow. After completion, the status and activity of all processes can be viewed continuously.

Core components of Dell Boomi

API Management

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is used for the functional exchange of different applications or programs. This reduces the program complexity and increases the automation of repetitive tasks. Applications and data are made even more useful and efficient, both internally and externally. This is particularly important for usability, which is constantly being improved in terms of responsiveness and functionality. The usual features and functions of API management are mediation, versioning, API Calatog as well as authentication and API security. Managing and controlling the entire API ecosystem from one source has become critical for modern businesses - and this is where Boomi stands out with its unified integration platform. As part of the Boomi platform, the Boomi API Management helps to achieve faster time-to-value and increase operational efficiency. Data integration is a major focus for businesses these days, and API management is the next step to incorporate data and unleash its full potential to positively impact business results.

Boomi Flow

Boomi Flow extends the spectrum of pure application and data integration: there are also process-based business applications through to online and offline mobile applications as well as the integration and provision of web portal solutions. The low-code development platform thus simplifies the creation of applications, which integrates the customer where it is necessary and helps with automation at the points where possible and thereby provides efficient support for the business. However, the platform also gives technically experienced developers the opportunity to call many of the functions via APIs that can be used directly in the platform. That includes Boomi's entire API ecosystem, plus the availability of Git repositories to manipulate data and connect to each endpoint. In addition, developers can easily create custom components using the various macros, libraries, and scripting options in Flow, while less experienced users want a simple application that makes it easy to move Excel data into Salesforce, Workday, or ServiceNow. Boomi's drag-and-drop interface is ideal for this.


Successful software integration is another essential component for future-proof business, especially when it comes to topics like Salesforce. The connections within the application should be accelerated, IT complexity should be overcome and data silos should be broken. The integration of on-premise and cloud applications as well as various data sources and devices with Boomi Integration makes this task easier. The platform supports you out-of-the-box with the necessary integration and communication patterns. An effective connectivity structure is created in order to release the desired productivity and to grow with digital technology as a basis.

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